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Sharon listened to…Rotters by Daniel Kraus April 2, 2012

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This one took the Odyssey Award for Audiobooks.   Seriously???  A book about grave-digging won the ALA audio book award for children or young adults???

I know, I know.  Grave robbing has a long and noble (?) history.  Leonardo da Vinci was a grave robber.  Shakespeare wrote about it.  Archaeologists and profit-mongers have been raiding tombs for profit and education for centuries.

It’s one thing to “know” about the art of robbing graves, but Kraus takes you along for the ride–complete with no shortage of the sensory details.  *Shudder*  This is beyond a doubt the most gruesome book I’ve ever “read” (and this is coming from a die-hard Stephen King fan).  Mind you, I stuck with it through all 13 CDs–even backed it up a bit to catch things I missed the first time.  Go figure.

It is, however, NOT for the faint of heart.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you…  Thankfully, they opted out of the scratch-and-sniff book cover option. 🙂

464 pages.


Sharon read… The Future of Us by Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler

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This book is a bit of a time warp.  The story is set in 1996.  Computers still have dial-up.  🙂

Friends Josh and Emma have hit a bit of a rough patch after an attempted, and unwelcome, kiss drives a wedge between these life-long best friends.  When Josh’s family gets an AOL CD in the mail, they insist that Josh give it to Emma for her new computer.  When Emma and Josh install it, though, they are automatically logged on to… Facebook???

Wait a minute.  FB hasn’t been invented yet.  But Josh and Emma come face-to-face with themselves fifteen years in the future–information about their spouses, careers, homes, status updates… everything.

Everytime they refresh their pages, though, their futures change.  Interesting story of the Butterfly Effect in cyberspace.

356 pages


Rhonda Read…It’s Not Okay With Me by Janine Maxwell March 28, 2012

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This book tells the remarkable true story of  how Janine Maxwell and her husband, Ian,  came to co-found a faith-based organization called Heart for Africa which focuses on relieving hunger and poverty in Swaziland, and providing help and education for the many children left as orphans in Africa.  196 pp.


Rhonda read…Someone Knows My Name March 27, 2012

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Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill

This book is a fictionalized account of one woman’s experience as part of  the slave trade.   it  is a must read for anyone interested in the treatment and movement of slaves during the time period of  the Revolutionary War.  Winner of the 2008 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize.  486 pages.


Paula read :) The Passage by Justin Cronin March 9, 2012

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I don’t usually read SciFi, but this is in the catastrophe category, a theme I seem to be gravitating toward  lately.  It brought to mind The World Made By

Hand by James Howard Kunstler, which I enjoyed also.  In this scenario, the US has been obliterated by an intentionally imposed virus gone awry.  Those not affected by the virus are still profoundly affected as they have been reduced to survival and defensive mode.


Jared read…Divergent by Veronica Roth

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576 Pages

Divergent is a thrilling and captivating book dealing with the idea of living by a certain personality.  Every person at some point of their younger years gets to choose whether or not they want to stay with their family in their current lifestyle of a specific personality or venture out on their own and live differently.  It is exciting and has a little something that everyone likes.  Try to put it down if you can, I am doubtful that you will succeed.


Jean read…The Lamp by Jim Stovall

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This was a quick, but predictable read.  It was, in my humble opinion, a poorly written book.  I felt I was reading a movie script or that someone had watched the movie and wrote exactly what they were seeing on the screen.

201 pages